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Guild Ball Tournament Smoke & Aces 2016


Dogs of War Gaming
1240 Clearmont St #5 32905 Palm Bay United States
Smoke & Aces 2016

There's a chemical haze that's overtaken the pitch! Can you see through the Smoke to ace the goalpost?

Date: June 25, 2016
Registration Cost: $10.00

Dogs of War Gaming
1240 Clearmont St NE #5
Palm Bay, FL 32905

Prize support:
-First place and highest ranked fully painted team other than first place receive store credit! Top ranked team also determines the theme for our next tournament!
-Other prizes to be added, based on participation.
-We'll be doing raffles (tickets given out for games played, bonus ticket for losing!) and challenges for prizes throughout the day!

Registration starts at 10am
Dice roll at 11am

Tournament Length - "It's not over till It's over!" (Swiss Round until a single undefeated team remains)
Match Win Conditions - "Play to the Final Whistle" (12 VPs win the match)
Round Length - "Thinking time" (50 minute Chess Clocks)
Roster Selection - "Strength in Depth" (X=6) (Bring Captain, Mascot, and 6 other players, choose 4 of 6 for each match)
Match Roster Selection - "Hide the Team Sheet" (Both teams chosen in secret, and revealed simultaneously)
Painting not required for this tournament, but encouraged.

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